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7th FUNKY NEWS® Newsletter!

Hey members,

   How are you doing? Sorry it's been so long. (2 weeks or so) since you got the newsletter. We 
have many new members this time around, I'm not sure how we got them (where'd you here about 
our club, new members?) But, the more the merrier! Here we go! Enjoy!

((((((((((((((((((((((ADVICE, ADVISE)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
                                          With Seri Bruin

     Hi. My name is "Kally". I'm 14 years old. Well this may sound really gross, especially 
to guys if there are any in this club, but, I'm worried. I haven't started my period 
yet, and I'm in 9th grade! This is really weird. I mean, Last year and in grade 7 it 
would have been Okay, I was just a late starter, but now, highschool! What's wrong with me?


   It's not wrong that you aren't having your period yet. All girls have an 
"internal clock". Some people start when they're 9, others have to wait until
 they're 16! I didn't start until I was 13,(I'm 16) don't worry. Don't be 
anxious to start, it's a pain in the but, literally.


Send your problems to me to give to Seri at:   Kriggles@cyberjunkie.com
   You get 5 diamonds!

    One day, my friends and one of my friends older sister and I decided to paper
 this guy we know (and hate)'s house. Well, we were done, but are car wouldn't
 start! His dad came out and asked us if we had car troubles. He actually gave
 us a boost,  and we drove away like, as fast as we could. Then he turned around
 to go back into his house and saw it! I'm glad we were already in the car and 
down the block!
                   Runaway Paperer..

Send your embarassing moments to:   Krissy

*******************Movies, Movies, Movies****************************
                                               By Lena Khan
Once again, Here is my movie review!  Mail your survey answers,
questions, comments, or anything else that you want to send to
littlelulu@juno.com .  Also, feel free to anytime mail me your favorite
movie title.  So far, most people say that their favorite is the Star
Wars trilogy.

	Here is some hot (and not so hot) new movies:

JERRY MAGUIRE- The movie of the year! More ticket sales than Independance
BEAVIS & BUTTHEAD do America- I'm sorry those who do, but these 2 aren't
cool anymore!****
ONE FINE DAY- George Clooney is hit in this movie but I'm not so sure he
will be in Batman. (The age, the height, take your pick) ****1/2 
MICHAEL- First of all, I'd like to say, never has a John Travolta movie failed
from "Grease" and "Saturday Night Fever" to "Pulp Fiction" and
"Phenomenon." The incorporation of a laid back character and dancing in
all of his movies make the box office hits.*****
SCREAM- Neve Campbell is wonderful in this film that will garuntee  you
to SCREAM!*****
THE EVENING STAR- This movie is bad.  The sequel of "Tears of
Endearment," it tries to use all the things that made that movie a hit
and doubling them in this film.  For instance, the death in "Terms of
Endearment" was really well acted.  There are 3 not well acted deaths in
this film.**
EVITA-  Madonna might win an Oscar for the role she plays here.  It is
very, very, very well acted.*****

	Everyone has been asking, "What is Leonardo de' Caprio's new
movie going to be?"   One hit movie and he's a star! (Romeo + Juliet was
da' bomb!) Well, his new movie is going to be called "Marvin's Room" with
him, Diane Keaton and Maryl Street.  For more about it, mail me(option below)!

	E-Mail me as soon as possible with the answer!!

		bY Lena Khan


  This coloumn lets you advertise for whatever you need. It's rather new, so
bear with me!

A good drawing programme which is cheap and affordable . Paint Shop Pro was 
good , but my dad won't look at anything above $60 . Any suggestions ? If 
there is any one that is freeware on the internet , please tell me . I use PC, not 
Mac . 


&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&Survey Sez&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

                                                  By Summer Dawes
Survey results:
   What's your favorite Disney Character?  Tigger, Piglet, EEyore,
 Spot (from 101 Dalmations) Mickey,My favourite Disney Character
 is Tweety Bird ! Used to be nicknamed that last time by this 
ultra-irritating boy in my old school , but I honestly think 
Tweety Bird is really cute , especially when he says , "I thawt I thaw a 
puddy tat ." 

  This newsletter's survey:

     Girls: If you could be a boy for a day, would you?
     Guys: If you could be a girl for a day, would you?
  Reply to Krissy!  
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Speak Out!^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
Say anything to anyone!

To: All Members
From: Krissy
Message: Does anyone know what happened to Seraphina's Cyberspace? 
I try to visit it, but it says it can't find her page!  https://members.tripod.com/~Seraphina/index.html   
  Where did it go?

To: All Members
From: Krissy
Message:  Please contribute more to FUNKY NEWS.

To: Melissa Green
From: Krissy
Message: You're the VP of FUNKY NEWS. Do you still
want to be? I need help with the newsletters.

To: Everybody 
From: Ruth 
Message: Hi everybody . I'm back . Yeah . Sorry if I've taken such a long 
time to reply to you . I had more than 200 mail and now , I'm down to 50 . 
For all those who applied for my homepage award , please bear with me . I 
promise that you'll get it by January . I'm still sorting my club out and all 
those e-mail still stuck in my mail box . Thanks so much for understanding . 
Also , all the best for the start of school ! 

To: Krissy 
From: Ruth 
Message: Hey , I don't mind doing a homepage with you . Yeah , I know I may 
not be the exact homepage expert , but still ... Also , about your office . 
Sorry , but you may have to wait a little while . I will upload it once I 
finish with all my mail . Also , 'bout APOP , hope to hear from you 'bout 
what happened ! 

To: Seraphina (if you're in this club) 
From: Ruth 
Message: Hi Seraphina ! Haven't heard from you for a long time . Do please 
please tell me which school you got into . Hope you made it into RGS . And if 
you don't mind me asking , what was your PSLE aggregate ? 


   Advertise for your clubs and homepages!

URL: http://www.geocities.com/Paris/8778/apop1.html
Hi everybody , 
My name's Ruth and a couple of friends and I started up this club called A 
Peace Of Paper . It's a club for children aged 9 - 16 , of any gender . It is 
not necessary for you to submit anything and you can get a free birthday card 
, Christmas presents in exchange for points , APOP drawers or offices and 
more and to relax at the same time . E-mail me at  this address with 
the following particulars: 
E-mail address: 
What You'd Like To See In The Newsletter: 
Home Address (very optional): 
*Just a little note: Worldkids Network ( www.worldkids.net) recently 
accepted APOP , so we may be shifting in there soon . 

@@@Let's Laugh Out Loud  (L.L.O.L.)@@@@@@@@@@@@@

   Tell your most hilarious jokes to the world!

Patient: Doctor , doctor , everyone thinks I'm a liar . 
Doctor: I don't believe that . 

Patient: Doctor , doctor , last night I dreamt I had eaten a monster 
marshmallow . 
Doctor: Don't worry , it was only a dream . 
Patient: Maybe , but when I woke up my pillow had gone ! 

Boy: My mum's doctor recommended that she bathes in milk . 
Girl: And does she ? 
Boy: No , she can't get into the bottle . 

Patient: Doctor how do I stop my nose from running ? 
Doctor: Put your foot out and try to trip it up . 


From the Desk of the Asst. Vice-Pres: 
                          Ruth Khan 


Hi everybody ! 
I know I haven't been the most contributive member or anything or that I have 
not been contributing much for a very long time and that some people may 
deserve this job more than I do , but Krissy has really been a great 
president and she's really very understanding . Anyway , last year has been a 
great year for everybody with ups and downs everywhere . 1997 is finally here 
and this sure looks like a promising year . 

For one , Funky News is undergoing a lot of changes to welcome the new year , 
from a new vice-president , to new points system , to new columns . Anyway , 
what are your new year resolutions ? Have you broken any yet ? :} 

Many people have been starting up new clubs and many of us have probably 
joined them too , but hey ! Funky News will always be one club that I'll 
never forget and many of you here probably think the same way . Krissy's put 
in a lot of effort in the newsletters and it can be seen from the pretty good 
quality produced . The information is readable , captivating , original and 
interesting . It's sure a great club . Of course , as I always say , the 
members of the club make a club where it is . 

All the best for 1997 ! Some tips - 
1. Don't let anything get you down :>} . 
2. Count to 20 before you blow your top if 10 didn't work . 
3. Forget about 1996 and forge on into the new year . Smile and try to think 
   positively . 
4. Never ever ignore your friends' feelings . You'll regret it . 
5. All work and no play makes YOU a dull boy Or YOU a dull girl . 
6. Repair broken friendships . No good to start a year with one spoilt . 
7. Relax , enjoy and SMILE - you'll probably look physically more appealing  
   that way ! 

That's all for me for now ! Bye . 


   888888888888888888888Beauty Babes888888888888888888888888888888888
                                                        By April

  In the winter to have a tan look try some dark, but not to dark foundation
and you can also put some blush lightly on your nose or your forhead in
the summer to look like you have a slight sunburn.

Whats Cool And Couorful:

  • Rainbow scarfs
  • Backpack with iron on patches
  • Shirts with lots of colour, but not tye-dye. Got a fashion tip? Send it to April! Just Click Here! %%%%%%%%%%%%%%Fashion Frenzy%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% By Jacquie Finno and Dawn Richards What's In For.... Girls: Wide Leg Jeans, Belly Shirts(Baby Tees), Adidas or Nike, Buns (hair), friendship necklaces, Rings, Smiley Faces, Dalmations etc.. Boys: Wide Leg Jeans, Huge Shirts, Airwalks or Nikes, hats, slang ^%^%^%^%^%^%^%^%^LAST NOTE^%^%^%^%^%^%^%^%^%^% Well, that puts an end to this newsletter! I hope you reply. PLEASE DO!! Um, Vp, Asst. Vp, and Asst. Pres, Co Pres, I need to talk with you! Write me, and we can set-up a chat. I hoped you liked this issue of FUNKY NEWS! I'm babblin, So, good bye!