Newsletter #5

The 5th FUNKY NEWS Newsletter!

You all know what this means! We're goin' on! Yippeee!! Anyone who makes a page for FUNKY NEWS gets 100 pts! For maintaining a job or doing a column, a person gets 50 pts. Send everything to and I'll send it to the proper people, or just add it in the newsletter... Here's the latest:
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Movies Movies Movies Movies Movies Movies Movies Movies Movies Movies Movies Movies
Movie: The Cable Guy
Reviewed By: Jodi Rowell
Rating: ***
Rated: PG-13
What sort: Comedy
About it: Jim Carrey, playing the lead, is called to put cable on this guys TV. He soon becomes attched to him because he's so nice. Now Jim Carry's stealing the guy's family's heart's as well as his girl friend's! He decide's it's got to stop!

Movie: IT
Reviewed By: Jodi Rowell
My Rating: *****************************(My favorite)
Rated: NC-17 (No children over 17 allowed, it shouldn't be rated that!)
What sort: Horror
About it: Based on Stephen King's 1986 Bestseller- It can be anything. A fanged monster that won't say on the movie screen. Something ominous lurking in the basement. No matter what your biggest fear is, no one knows IT better than Stephen King It is a jittery, julting exursion into personal fear. It rases goosebumps- and brings out the stars.
Edt. Note: It stars Jonathan Brandis when he's around 12!
Add for my Homepage: Hi fellow members! I have a personal homepage I'd like you to see! It has a page for missing people called HELP, a pen-pal page, pet page, story page, Fun Page (I was bored!), Stephen King page, Alanis Morissette Page, a links page, a Smilie page, and an award, probably a little more I might have forgotten! It's other features are an option at the bottom of the main page to hear Beethoven's 5th Symphony, all you have to do is click on the little icon. It has two links to search pages, and a webcounter! Don't forget to sign the guestbook! I hope you decide to view my page!


Speak Out!
To: Seraphina
From: Jodi
Message: Great page, Sera phina's Cybercity!!, It's cool that you have a copyright! Visit mine by Clicking Here! Hope you like it!

To: Any member with AOL
From: Krissy
Guys, If you have AOL, please search and type in the key word seventeen and then e-mail me with the URL it gives you! Please!

To: All Funky News Members
From: Meredith Schieltz
Hi!!!! Would you all please look at my homepages. Thanks! They are: Meredith's Cool Place Meri and Erin's Place!& Erin's Country Kids Page

To: All FUNKY NEWS members
From: Krissy RIchards
Hey, you guys! I wuz wondering if anybody out there wants to do a split page with me..? Like, we'd show stuff about us, and cool links, and a pen-pal center, and maybe a chat room... Anybody interested? E-mail me by clicking here, and you can visit my pages to see how good at HTML I am.... Send in your entries for VP and Secretary, Points Keeper has been filled by Niki Reed.


Beauty Babes! By April

Hair.. Whats in. Layered hair is really in! Used to be the long, straight, thin type, but times are changing fast! Girls seem to be going for the short thick, sometimes curly type!
Cant get your lipstick to stay on? Try using a lip conceler, or lip liner. They help keep the lipstick on while also helping moisturise your lips.. :-)

Are you tried on the same old lipstick colour? Try mixing it with a lip gloss or some other lipstick for a new and totally cool lipstick!
Commom Sense Makeup Tip:
When looking at makeup; if you have the chance before buying it put some on your hand or arm to see if you like it. Sometimes you can buy makeup that looks totally cool, but when you get home you know its not right for you.



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``::,,,,::'' "Smile" by Jocelyn Huang

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SURVEYZ By Summer Dawes
What's your favorite Disney Character?
Last newsletter's results:
What's your favorite movie: Ace Ventura II, The Cutting Edge, IT, Jumanji, The Mask, Romeo + Juliet, Speed, Romeo + Juliet, Never Ending Story



Since we just started these, There's not too many, but still, here we go!

Member Member Number Points
April 0001 80
Jodi 0002 40
Melanie 0003 50
Jocelyn 0004 40
Summer 0005 90
Meri 0006 50

NOTE: Niki, you have to keep these and add them up with all of the other ones in the other newsletters coming, OK?



Let's Laugh Out Loud (l.l.o.l.)

Q. Where does the general keep his armies?
A. In his sleevies.

Q. What did the 2 frogs do when they met?
A. They became tongue-tied.


Advise, Advice
My sister recently turned 13 and since then she has been acting like she is just sooo great because she is a teenager. She makes fun of me and everything and I really don't like it. I try to talk to her about it, but she doesn't even listen. Please help me!
Sincerely, Really Mad

Dear Really Mad,
Teenagers tend to do that, and they will for about 3 months, and every once and a while after that, too. Don't worry, though, you two will grow to be close, once your'e a teenager ,too. If she doesn't listen, give her a taste of her own medicine! It may sound bad, but she WILL stop.



These were the positions and offices open in the 2nd newsletter. The 2nd list are the jobs now avaliable because nobody was doing it. You get 10 pts. for sending in something for a column that isn't yours, and 50 pts a newsetter for sending in your column (on time).

President Krissy Richards
Vice President April
Co Pres. Alma
Asst. Pres Melanie Maingot
Co Vice Pres. Melissa Marr
Asst. VP Ruth Khan
Secratary Shu Fong
Joker Tarryn Brown
Tongue Twisters Melinda Green and Rebekkah
Fashion Frenzy Jenn Mullen, Brooke Elliss and Akaisha
Music Mayhem Jenna Kerr
Movies Galore Lena Khan
Books, Books! Becca and Katie
Kewl Sites Laura Russell
Survey Sez Summer Dawes

President Krissy Richards
Vice Pres. VOTE!
Secretary Linda Chalmers
Joker All Members
Tongue Twisters We Dropped It!
Fashion Frenzy ***********
Music Mayhem ************
Movies, Movies All Members
Books Galore! All Members
Speak Out! All Members
Tippity Tips All Members
SurveyZ Summer Dawes
Beauty Babes April
Kewl Sitez Lani Ada and Jocelyn Huang

**********=We're giving this person/these people one last try before we give their column away, or leave it open to ALL MEMBERS!!=*************



" Krissy, I think you're club is awesome, I licke it soo much! I'm glade you didn't shut ite down, becuase It's so much fun! I'm nott kidding!"---Sat - Satisfyed - Happy Member

"Krissy - I think we shoulf put the newsletters on the net as well as putting them out by e-mail, becuase that way if we delete the newsletters, we can jst go see the others!" - In Wunder

Editor's Note/CONTEST: Whoever makes a page for FUNKY NEWS gets 100 pts, AND their own "Member Of The Month" page. We would add all 5 of our newsletters on to the page. PLEASE HELP OUT!


This is a new column! You post your wanted ads! I've put in some substitutes to start....
By Krissy Richards
Mouse. I need a mouse (this is for real!) My mouse is busted... :-(


KEWL SiteZ By Lani Ada

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