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I'm figuring you're either here because you want to join, or you want to look at the newsletter. Well, if you are, you've come to the right place!


To look at the latest newsletter (the 7th), please click here. To look at the other newsletters, please click.. here for the 5th one, and the 6th one isn't online.


Before you join, I bet you'd like some information on FUNKY NEWS. Well, my name is Krissy and I'm the president of FUNKY NEWS. The one of the best parts about our club is the Newsletters. All of our members work very hard on them in their very own ways. In FUNKY NEWS, Points are called Diamonds. Some of the wonderful features in the FUNKY NEWS newsletters are:

Fashion Frenzy Wanted! Kewl Sites
Music Mayhem Key Pal Konnection Survey Sez
Movies, Movies Classifieds Beauty Babes
Advice, Adivse Speak Out! Tippity Tips

And there are quite a few others. Please Join Funky News!


To join, you have to click here and record the information it asks you for. Many people have been asking me for forms by e-mail, and I tell them to come here, so if you tell anyone aout FUNKY NEWS, tell them to come here to join.

Stake Your Turf!

If you would like to let me know what you think of this page, you can record your comments in the guestbook, or you can see what other people have said.

To Let You Show..

To prove you're a member, you can put this:

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Do you want your fortune told? Well click here and have your monthly fortune told!


FUNKY NEWS is having a contest right now. If you make a rather good page for FUNKY NEWS, you get 200 diamonds! It will be posted below, with the other members' pages.

Member's Pages!

Some members of FUNKY NEWS have made homepages for the club. Here are the links:

  • April's FN Homepage

    You can make a page, too! Some free places are:

  • Angelfire
  • Tripod
  • Geocities
  • Infochase

    Please, Let Me Know when you make a page.


    There are many people who work hard for FUNKY NEWS, and we appreciate them all, but the people listed below need special recognition.

  • Krissy Richards, your President!
  • Melanie Maingot, your Assistant President!
  • Melissa Green, your Vice President!
  • Ruth Khan, your Assistant Vice President!

    Give them all a hand!

  • Funky Links!

    Krissy's Place In Cyberspace
    It has a Sanrio Page, cool links, awesome graphics, homepage help, and more!
    Lindsey's Fabulas Page!
    Very cool, it looks like an ocean!
    Rosie's Place!
    It's very cool, and you definately have to check it out! I love it!
    Marisa's Page!
    This page is an awesome show of imagination! It looks freaky, and it is really hott!
    Akaisha's Cyberspot!
    It's very cool, not to many pics, cool links, go see it!

    Funky News

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    P.O. Box 699
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